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China 36mm hall effect sensor brushless dc motor factory and suppliers | Twirl

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BLDC36 series Diameter 36mm
bldc motor with built-in controller
Rated power 7~ 20Watt

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Why do we use BLDC motors?

In manufacturing, brushless motors are primarily used for motion control, positioning or actuation systems. Brushless motors are ideally suited for manufacturing applications because of their high power density, good speed-torque characteristics, high efficiency, wide speed ranges and low maintenance. 

How to operate the brushless wires? 


This motor features built-in controls,versatile and very simple to use.

1)Red wire(+) of the controller is connected to +24VDC, and black wire(-) to GND.

2)Green wire is connected to +5VDC, and black wire to GND

3)When the white wire is shut off ,the motor runs at the highest speed with CW.

4)The motor stops running when the white wire is connected to the black one.

5)When the yellow wire Is connected to black one, the motor runs with CCW.

6)The blue wire which can be detected by OSC means speed signal output.

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  • Q:1.What kind of motors you can provide?

    A: For now, we mainly provide permanent magnet brushed dc motors (including vibration motors, low voltage dc motors and high voltage dc motors) with diameter range in 6~80mm and also Dia10~80mm size gear motors.

    Q:2. Can you send me a price list?

    A: For all of our motors, they are customized based on different requirements like lifetime, noise, voltage, and shaft etc. The
    price also varies according to annual quantity. So it’s really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you can share your
    detailed requirements and annual quantity, we’ll see what offer we can provide.

    Q:3. What’s the lead time for regular order?

    A: For orders, the standard lead time is 35-40 days and this time can be shorter or longer based on different model, period and quantity.

    Q:4. Is it possible for you to develop new motors if we can provide tooling cost?

    A: Yes. Please kindly share the detailed requirements like performance, size, annual quantity, target price etc. Then we’ll make our evaluation to see if we can arrange or not.

    Q:5. Can I get some samples?

    A: It depends. If only a few samples for personal use or replacement, I am afraid it’ll be difficult for us to provide because all
    of our motors are custom made and no stock available if there is no further needs. If just sample testing before the official
    order and our MOQ, price and other terms are acceptable, we’d love to provide samples.

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